78. Turning Interviews into Clients: The Podcast Tour System with Natalie Koussa

Today's guest is Natalie Koussa, a Podcast Tour Strategist and Message Mixologist who helps coaches and online entrepreneurs turn their message into a movement by speaking on podcasts. She's the founder of The Speakeasy (a group programme for best kept secret entrepreneurs ready to grow their industry leadership by speaking on podcasts) and Podcast Tour Tonic (a done for you service for coaches and online entrepreneurs who want to go on a brand and business-growing Podcast Tour, without sending a single pitch).

In this episode we spoke about:

  • The value and purpose of a podcast tour
  • How to position yourself and craft a thoughtful pitch that gets you booked
  • The system to create and organise your own podcast tour.

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Connect with Natalie:

Download Natalie's FREE Private Podcast "Pod Damn":  A free private podcast to help you turn your message into a movement, with a "so good it shakes up your industry" Podcast Tour. www.nataliekoussa.com/visible

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